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DCUO tips

Here are a few DCUO tips that you can use to get started playing the game. I'm going to go over just a few things that can help you out, as well as a couple thoughts that I think you should take with you to ensure that the game stays fun. Because if the game stops being fun, then you'll probably stop playing!

Choose a class that you truly like

One of the biggest problems I have seen people make is that they choose a class strictly because there's a lot of buzz around it. When this happens you will end up not knowing whether you truly like the class. Each class is different based on mechanics and how they are played, so if you find yourself playing or being stuck with one that you don't really like too much then things won't unfold well.

Learn all of your abilities - and your enemies

If you don't know what you can do with your character then you're as good as dead. The single best tip I can give you is to learn what skills you have, and learn when you should use them. In an optimal situation you will be able to keep yourself alive and do a lot of damage while being able to keep complete control of the situation. Sure, it isn't always like this, but having a good idea of what to do at the right time will substantially improve it.

Also, as good as it is to know what your abilities are, it's equally important to know what your enemies can do. I'm talking in PVP and PVE (Player versus player, and player versus environment.) You have to know what they can do in order for you to know when to react, and what to counter their effects with.

Using a step by step guide to help your character to reach the top

Check out this guide and you will gain a lot of expert DCUO tips. It's the best guide available online and you can download it instantly right now.

Why don't you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: DCUO Tips

Once you get started with it I'm sure you will improve drastically, and they will also help you to level extremely quickly. I hope this helps you out, good luck!


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DCUO strategy

If you're trying to find some good DCUO strategy that you can use to begin playing the game well then this article should provide you with a couple of tips that you can use in the game. I'm going to go over some basics of the game, as well as how you can improve your play style and become a better player. Let's get into it below.

The basics of MMO, how to strategize and play

The thing about this kind of game is there are two main directions you can go in. Player versus player (PVP) and Player Versus Environment (PVE.) As you can probably guess, the first means you are fighting other players who are playing the game just like you. The second one means you are playing against computer controlled characters, which practically make it like a normal game (except you can also fight WITH people, which adds an entirely different layer.)

The strategy changes depending on which path you choose, but it usually comes down to the same thing.

Knowing your abilities

This is the key. You need to know the capabilities of your character as if you were actually them. The faster you can learn about your character and become used to using all of your abilities is the faster you will get to being good. Strategy is dynamic - it changes with each character, and it definitely changes depending on what you are facing at the time.

Be aware - look around and know what's happening

One of the biggest things that people ask for in the game is knowing what's around you, and knowing what's happening. If you are unaware of things that are happening around you then you will be in a terrible position to react to it. We have a free moving camera - use it! There isn't any reason to not be completely aware.

Here's the best DCUO strategy guide that you can check out

This is the #1 recommended DCUO strategy guide. They go into everything. Each detail, how to level, how to play, how to fight against others - everything.

Why don't you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: DCUO Strategy

They also show you step by step which is the best spec and what talents you should be using. They let you download it instantly so give it a shot and I'm sure you will learn a ton. Good luck and have fun!


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DCUO Powers List

If you are trying to find a simple DCUO Powers List to help break down the different powers then below you should find some help. I'm going to show the general powers below that you can use to get going and choose which power you generally prefer to use. Let's get into it.

Fire Power

Fire power is the kind of power that you can find in most games because it's a crowd favorite. It's the kind of power that is always blowing things up and making people turn on fire, no wonder it's so popular. In this game it's one of the most powerful specs that you can choose because of the dynamics of it. You can be a tank or do a lot of serious damage. You have a decent amount of control too, as you can stun and disorient your enemies while you heal up in the back.

Ice Power

Ice power is very similar to fire power in the fact that you can choose to either be a tank or do a ton of damage. The tanking spec is a bit more defensive and you have a lot of abilities that you can use to reduce your damage taken, but in the end they are extremely similar. This is another spec which will help you to dominate in the control area, as you can use your ice to inflict a lot of pain and stuns on the enemy.

Nature Power

Nature power is a very dynamic power because you can choose to heal, inflict damage, or tank. This is one of the most free classes that you can use in the game as of now. If you want to heal then you will specialize in the Plants spec, which allows you to be a great healer for your allies. If you prefer to tank then you can use Shapeshifting to turn into a bear or another creature, and the same goes for a Wolf.

Mental Power

Mental power puts you into the drivers seat of a Wizard or a Mage. You have a ton of control over other people because you can control them, pick them up, and throw them around. You can also deceive a lot of players and play tricks on their mind through the Illusion spec. This power is a great one if you love magic.

Here's a ton more information in this guide, check it out now to master your class / power that you choose

If you have chosen which power you like then check out this guide. It's the best one online and you can easily master whichever class you have chosen for yourself.

Why don't you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: DCUO Secrets

I hope this helps you out! Here's a link straight to their download page. Also, they show you how to make a lot of gold and level very rapidly - so get started and you'll be on your way!


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DC Universe Online Strategy guide

If you're trying to find a good DC Universe Online Strategy guide that will help you to learn how to play the game then this article should give you a few pointers. I'm going to go over how you can easily begin to master the game by only playing for a few hours, by using a few techniques that have worked in the past and with other MMORPGs. Let's get into it below

DC Universe Online Strategy - How to Play Effectively

There are a few universal rules when it comes to playing a massive multiplayer online role playing game. I think that they can be narrowed down to a few: know your class well, know other classes, have good situational awareness, and don't "freak out."

These few rules are very good for you because they go over a few of the key things that are recurrent in the games. If you know your class, and your character, well, then you will be in a position where you know exactly what to do at the right times.

For instance, if you know that your class can stun, and you see that the mob is about to kill your teammate, then you will be able to quickly stun the mob and save your friend. Situational awareness would be knowing that your friend was about to die, and not freaking out comes in hand when you can quickly stun them - instead of pining over what you should be doing.

Learning to play your class, and learning to get better

You can't become a master overnight, however, with a little bit of practice you can really become proficient in the game. Learning the terminology and using your abilities at the right time will severely help you to get better. Just keep on playing and things will come with time. However, there are a few great guides that are online which do you a LOT of help.

Using A Step by Step DC Universe Online Strategy Guide To Master and Learn Every Aspect In The Game

This guide is the best thing that you can possibly read. It goes over every single class, all the quests, how to get to level 30 quickly, how to fight against other players (and win.) It's really just a huge help to anybody who needs a bit of help…

Why don't you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: DC universe Online Secrets

You can download it in a few minutes and have it as your aid as you work through the game. Good luck and have fun!


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DC Universe Online Strategies

If you need some help organizing some DC Universe Online Strategies that will help you to level quickly then this article should help you out. I'm going to go over a few tips that you can use to level very fast, and reach the current cap of level 30. Once you do reach there you can begin to do all the things that are meaningful in the game, such as engage in a lot of PvP combat and/or raiding. Let's begin below and get started

Leveling quickly - more about location than anything else

The one thing that will help you drastically increase your experience per hour is going to be what kinds of quests you're accepting, and where they are located. The vast majority of your experience comes from completing quests, so you want to be able to do them in rapid order. If you are in an area that barely has any quests then you will hamper your rate. Instead, try to find an area that is suitable for your current level, and that has a lot of quests packed together. By being able to go out and do a few quests at a time, you will really speed up how quickly you level up throughout the game.

Find areas to grind out your quests without much delay

Another problem I have seen a lot is that people are being slowed down by trying to quest in an area that has a lot of other people in it. When this happens the mobs will be very slow to respawn and you will be waiting for quite a while. Instead of facing the problem in this direction you should consider moving to a different area temporarily, or just do other quests in the mean time that isn't going to hold you up.

Learn the stats and talents which help your character get better

One big thing is that you need to learn what your character needs to be better. This means picking the right stats, the right talents, and learning when to use what abilities and how to counter other people's spells. When you do learn how to use your character to this degree you will find that you're able to anticipate what's happening and react with plenty of time.

Using a Step by Step DC Universe Online Guide - It helps you to get so much better in very little time

This guide is really the best thing that you can possibly read, it breaks everything down to you and is also a questing helper which pretty much walks you through the questing step by step.

Why don't you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: Razer Guide Review

You will be level 30 in a few days and it will show you exactly where to go for what gear, as well as how to get into a league and begin raiding. I hope this helps you out, good luck and check out the guide - it's a downloadable one so you shouldn't have any issues.


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